Here’s what people have to say
about The Rhythm Room and Artistic Director, Jennifer Bishop:

Yesterday was indeed fun, full of anxiety, tension, excitement, and camaraderie.  I did not allow fear in - made a few mistakes, but tried to smile through them.  Jennifer, thank you so much for your expert instruction and ongoing support throughout the year.  I particularly appreciated your non-pressure approach to performing and for allowing me to find my way towards it.  I really enjoyed the piece you arranged for us. You are an extraordinary teacher/person, whom I admire very much.  I love taking classes at The Rhythm Room.  You are doing a magnificent job with your studio.  It is a friendly, fun, challenging place to be.  I am very much looking forward to summer tap dancing.         - Marken, Student



Jennifer Bishop is all of the things I love about dancing. She is humble, integral, hilarious and one of the most technically superior and artistically creative tappers I have had the pleasure of meeting.

With genuine fanfare and enthusiasm, Jennifer selflessly promotes her friends, peers and up and comers in the community, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of ideas at every opportunity.

She is an integral part of the west coast dance community and wonderful person to work with both on and off stage.                                               

                                             - Peg Giesbrecht, Instructor/Choreographer/Dancer

Thank you for your excellent teaching. Ella made enormous progess and it was clearly due to your ability and talent as a gifted tap teacher.                                     

                                             - Iris (parent) and Ella (student)

You are an accomplished artist and have an uncanny ability to teach your craft to a wide variety of students.  You do so with grace and humour and give so much of yourself to your students even outside the realm of tap dance teacher.  Thought you should know this.            

                                               - Gail, Student

You do so much for your students and contribute to the culture of the community.  You also do it in a sensitive and caring way.  Thanks for having such a positive effect on our lives.   

                                                - Mike, Student

These past months of tap have been incredible!  I (heart) TAP TUESDAYS! Thanks for bringing tap dancing back into my life.  : ) My world is a better place because of dance.         

                                                - Angie, Student

You were so awesome!  I fully considered you part of the band with us.  Your rhythm and energy was perfect.  I look forward to the next time.                                 

                                                - Bria Skonberg, Bria's Hot Five

I'm so glad you took the time and effort to bring me to Vancouver.  I know how much work it is to bring a guest artist. I feel I had a very special visit and I think it was the best way for me to learn of your work and that of the tap community because you introduced me to the artists, especially yourself, who are working hard to develop their creativity in tap. Yes, this was a standout weekend for me - one I won't forget!             

                                                - Lynn Daly,  Jazz Tap Ensemble

One can never say enough thank-yous. I know I have expressed my appreciation many times already for what you have shared with Abbeyand I.  When I see the bridge you have been able to build with her in such a short time, I know that you are truly a special person to her.  Thank you for giving…..your sparkly, honest, fun, warm energy.                            

                                                 - Sadie & Abigail Winter Culliford, Students

My belief is, if students can do it, it is not because the students are good but BECAUSE THE TEACHER IS GOOD! Students are a reflection of the teacher teaching.  In other words you are brilliant! You gave us the maximum amount of skills we could learn.  You wrote the steps down, recorded the music (thanks for the CD!) and you let US record and video to aid our process.  You were always positive, smiling and encouraging.                                         

                                                 - Carol Collaud, Student