Physical Theatre for Kids - with Candice Roberts

CREATIVE FOR LIFE! - Physical Theatre for Kids

AGES 6-9ish

1:00 - 2:00
at The Rhythm Room
#109 - 3701 Hastings 

FIRST CLASS IS FREE - pre-registration is required

Lets build healthy mindsets and thriving communities from the get go! 
Do you know a creative kid????

Through a series of FUN clown and theatre games we are working/playing with building: 
-self confidence, self identity (creative communication, thinking
-community identity (listening, collaborating, and supporting each other)
-emotional and physical awareness (it's ok FEEL!)
-exploring eye contact, "seeing and being seen" (it's ok to FEEL AWKWARD)

-creating characters

-collaborative story creation
-artistic modalities: the many ways we can express ourselve

Candice Roberts is a 5th generation Canadian performing artist of unceded coast Salish Territories, Vancouver, BC. She creates hilarious and magical multimedia theatre productions and assists people who desire support in connecting with their own creative sparks. In 2014 she received the Mayor’s Arts Award for her work in community building through creativity. This program was implemented within the BC health system for folks in recovery with addiction and mental health issues. She is one of Vancouver’s only tap-dance ukulele performers and is the band leader of the critically acclaimed Myrtle Family Band. After 10 years plus of writing, producing and creating physical comedy with Jessie Award nominated Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, Candice is now the Artistic Director of Candy Bones Theatre, a platform for creating original theatre and creativity education.
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