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November 28th Update

Dear Dancers,

As of last Tuesday Nov 24th,  we were lead to believe we would have some guidelines to review by November 30th and as long as we were able to adapt to them, we would be able to operate.  As of Friday afternoon, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that those plans would now be delayed until the end of next week.  No further clarification.  

In the best interest of all our dancers, instructors and admin, rather than shifting back and forth (who knows how many more times), we have decided to move forward with the following schedule as we wait for further information. We are happy we have such great options to offer you.  We’ve become pretty good at that ZOOM thing and the bonus?  We have a great library of recorded classes to supplement.  Also in the works, our community of super talented friends are coming to the rescue, helping  offer a few bonus opportunities to keep everyone’s spirits up. (stay tuned for more info) 


November 24th Update


Dear Dancers,

This Covid Pandemic has put us in a strange chess game, finding us temporarily closed again (by order of the Provincial Health Officer) effective immediately. We are told that they will issue guidance on what Dance Studio Safety Plans should be and once that guidance is released we can open again immediately upon being able to adhere to it. Their deadline for release of their "Guidance" is Nov 30 or sooner. We can assure you that we will be immediately on top of instituting this guidance and re-opening. Most likely, our current safety plan already meets or adheres to the expected rules.

We are so thankful for so many of you and your kind words and generosity in this trying time.  We miss dancing with you and your passion for tap is what's fueling us. 

This news was given to us with so little notice that we are still a bit stunned. Please check Facebook and our site regularly for updates and we will also email you with any big changes. See below for a bit of an adjusted schedule which will vary as we go, so keep your eyes peeled while we get our footing here. 


Registered students:
You have been granted access to our full library of recorded classes again and as well, you are automatically registered to take livestream while we are closed. (any and ALL levels - jump in!)


Drop ins:
Please continue to dance with us in our livestream OR you can take advantage of our library of 70+ recorded classes.  $50 + gst/week or 3 punches from your card.


Danny's Workshop: 
We will adjust this workshop once we have a clear date to resume operation. 

Temporary Live-Stream Schedule

7:00 Int/Adv w/Alesia DiCicco

7:00 Advanced Beginner w/Jennifer Bishop

10:30 Fast Adv Beg w/Graeme


More info to come….




Dear Dancers,

As per the restrictions set out yesterday by our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, The Rhythm Room is temporarily closed for 2 weeks.

At this time, we have submitted our Covid Safety Plan for review by a Vancouver Coastal Health Medical Health Officer and we understand there may be a delay while they work out how they will be addressing these submissions. We may be back up and running in a few days, or it may be the full two weeks, we don't know. But we promise to keep you updated every step of the way.

Until we receive the go ahead, see below. We have worked out a great substitute to keep you all dancing.



Those who have committed and registered for classes for this current term will receive access to our amazing library of 70+ recorded classes with:
        Meghan Anderssen
        Jennifer Bishop
        Chantel Genio
        Graeme Kitagawa
        Kristina Linden

These videos were recorded from April through June and include a wealth of tap exercises, drills and combos. Rhythm Room fans who danced with us through last spring may have attended these classes before, but now we are re-opening the vault so that you can access content anytime during the shutdown, play, pause and repeat. It's like picking the brains of the Rhythm Room staff, at your leisure.

In addition, you will have 3 great livestream opportunities.  You can participate in any or all.  Regardless of your level you already been added to the live-stream to participate in or watch any of the classes:

Mon Nov 9  6:30pm: Adv Beg w/Jennifer Bishop

Wed Nov 11 7:00pm:  Int-Adv w/Alesia DiCicco

Sat Nov 14 10:30am: Fast Adv Beg w/Graeme Kitagawa

An email with tips on how to access these classes and your video library will be in your inbox shortly (you must have an account with us to receive this info.  Don’t have one?  No problem, head over HERE to create one)



You are invited to drop in to our three livestream classes listed above. 

Drop in:  only $10 inc gst or one punch from your punch card.  

***And if you're a total keener and want to jump in and have access to our full video library mentioned above?  
You can pay to upgrade yourself by the week and enjoy all of those videos.  
COST: $50 + GST/week or 3 punches from your punch card.

You can find the video libraries under Register for Classes in your Online Portal HERE. Sign up and pay online OR, email admin@tapdancevancouver.comto use 3 punches of your punch card.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we work to get you back in class.

Please email with questions.

GUEST ARTIST,  Danny Nielsen


What students are saying about our new online format:

- Hooray, let the dance classes resume!  What a wonderful job you have done for us all!!!  Thank you!  

- Really appreciate all you’re doing  to keep us all connected. It’s a little slice of normal to get to tap Mon & Wed in the midst of all this craziness.

- The online classes are super amazing.  I really appreciate them and look forward to them - it’s the highlight of my day!

Keep tap-tap-tappin’ - We’re on line - join us