JUNE 26th

Summer Session 1 is up!  Click here to check out all the great options. 

June 2020 - In studio and now NEW - outdoor classes! 

We are slowly heading back to the studio by scheduling a few, very controlled test classes. For the safety and health of all students and instructors we will be taking a very slow, methodical approach to getting back into the studio.

Summer info coming soon!


What students are saying about our new online format:

- Hooray, let the dance classes resume!  What a wonderful job you have done for us all!!!  Thank you!  

- Really appreciate all you’re doing  to keep us all connected. It’s a little slice of normal to get to tap Mon & Wed in the midst of all this craziness.

- The online classes are super amazing.  I really appreciate them and look forward to them - it’s the highlight of my day!

Keep tap-tap-tappin’ - We’re on line - join us