April 2020

Dear Dancers, 

What a surreal time this is.  Navigating uncharted territory for so many of us in many facets of the world.  

One thing for certain is, technology has provided us with amazing ways of staying connected and receiving information (sometimes too much of the bad stuff, eh?) There have been FLOODS of incredible dance clips, lessons and performances over the last few weeks.  I do hope that in some of your time you are able to access as many of these amazing offers as you can.  

This brings me to the reminder that we WANT you to stay inspired. we WANT you to stay active and we WANT you to be ready to jump back in with us when it’s time to hit the studio floor. Remember your home at The Rhythm Room and know that all of us dance studios are taking a big hit right now with no chance of operating in person until…who knows when.  Most organizations in the arts float along, operating just above the line (quite happily I might add - no complaints until this …virus thing) 

So please DO endeavour to take class with us when it starts to be offered this coming week.  YES: some of the biggest people in the dance world are throwing free everything at you.  But your instructors?  They are truly unbelievably talented, valuable artists of the same calibre and at The Rhythm Room we are a dedicated family.   We are working hard to ensure our instructors have work. They have been so heartfelt in their response to creating classes to keep you dancing through this time.   I’m excited for you to experience what they have created. 

We NEED you as you are the heart of The Rhythm Room.  

Please stay connected and watch for all the great classes and information we’re working hard to bring you and hopefully sooner rather than later - we’ll be in the studio, dancing together again.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe in this time.  I think of all of you every day as I sit down to scheme up ways of reaching you.

With love,