Youth classes that ran last year are in progress
Please inquire as to registration for the others listed on the schedule to see if there is space or if the class is running

Dancing friends are the BEST kind of friends :)
Scroll down for all the great options for the young person in your world.

It’s not just a dance class

It’s a ‘SPACIAL relations, HUMAN relations. learning to express yourself with your body and an experimenting with musicality’ class.



We believe that young dancers need to be met with the most experienced, inspired instructors.

Our faculty of inspiring dance artists have extensive experience teaching children and they are motivated to take on a leadership role in your child’s world. 

We offer supportive, smaller classes to ensure a quality experience. 

Some of the most prominent youth in the theatre community find their home here with us 

as they love the environment.

We even have shoes for you to borrow if you’re not sure.

Come try class with us, we know you’ll want to stay :) 


Head on over to the list of classes below and scroll through to choose the class you would like. 

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Comprehensive list below
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MONDAY 3:45 – 4:30: Primary Tap 5-6yr olds
For youth 5-6 years of age with little or no experience. Shoes available to borrow.

MONDAY 4:30 – 5:30: Junior Beginner Tap 7-9yr olds
For youth 7-9yrs of age with minimum of 2yrs tap experience (to be assessed by instructor)

TUESDAY 3:30 – 4:15: Primary Tap 5-6yr olds
For youth 5-6 years of age with little or no experience. Shoes available to borrow

WEDNESDAY 4:30 -5:30 :Teen Theatre Dance
For youth 12-16 yrs of age with a keen interest and some experience in musical theatre. Basic dance skills for pursuing performance opportunities and building skills for being in a musical

WEDNESDAY 5:15– 6:15: Teen Tap 2 12-14yrs
For youth 12-14 with a minimum of 2yrs tap experience (to be assessed by instructor)

THURSDAYS 10:45 – 11:30 :Parent & Tot
One adult and one tot. (minimum age as of Jan 1
st 2019 – 2yrs old) We'll dance, sing, clap and maybe even hop like a bunny and twirl with a ribbon (yes, even the adult!)

THURSDAYS 1:30 – 2:15: Pre-school Song & Dance
Singing and dancing for that expressive little person in your world. Tap shoes will be used some of the time and we have some available to borrow.



MONDAYS 3:45 – 4:45 Junior Tap 8-10yrs
For youth 8-10yrs old with some previous (1+yr) experience
Starts Sept 9
th ** still spaces please inquire

MONDAYS 4:45 – 5:45 Teen Tap 3
For youth 11-14yrs old with a minimum of 5+yrs tap experience (to be assessed by instructor)
Starts Sept 9
th** still spaces, please inquire

THURSDAYS 4:15 - 5:00
For youth 5-6 yrs of age with little or no previous experience*** please inquire

THURSDAYS 5:00 - 6:00 Beginner Jr Tap 7-9yrs
For youth 7-9 yrs of age with little or no previous experience*** please inquire


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What the parents have to say:

My daughter has blossomed through dancing with Jennifer at The Rhythm Room. She has gained so much poise and self confidence along with her delight in tap dancing anywhere at anytime.  The joyful and respectful tone was so inspiring.  I even decided to try it myself!                                                                                         - Hilary, parent of a dancer


Our daughter Elena has been dancing with Jennifer Bishop since she was going on 3 years old - we started together with Parent & Tot tap class.  Now four and half years old, Elena continues to benefit from the small class size and from Jennifer's creative, fun and gentle approach to teaching dance. Today she demonstrates a burgeoning sense of rhythm, the confidence to move as the music inspires her, and she loves to demonstrate her new tap skills whenever the opportunity arises. Since many of the same children come back each season, our whole family is enjoying the growing sense of community that we have discovered at The Rhythm Room. Our many thanks to Jennifer and all The Rhythm Room staff                         - Sarah, parent of a dancer

One can never say enough thank-yous. I know I have expressed my appreciation many times already for what you have shared with Abbey and I.  When I see the bridge you have been able to build with her in such a short time, I know that you are truly a special person to her.  Thank you for giving…..your sparkly, honest, fun, warm energy.  

                                                                                                                        - Sadie & Abigail Culliford

My daughter has been tip-tappin' away with Jennifer at The Rhythm Room for 2 years now and we are coming back for more! Jennifer has the great gifts of being both dancer and teacher. Feeds the Sole and the Soul.           - Brenda, parent of a dancer


My kids love dancing at The Rhythm Room and Jennifer is so much fun! The end of year showcase was full of talent and heart.  My daughter was very proud to be a part of it

                                                                                      - Jodie, parent of a dancer

Thank you for your excellent teaching.  Ella made enormous progress and it was clearly due to your ability and talent as a gifted tap teacher. 
                                                                                    - Iris, parent of a dancer


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