5 For Rhythm

Christine Lukac      Emma McIlroy      Ryan Bernhauser       Sarah Stabler      Rachel McIlroy

The members of 5 For Rhythm are all current students at The Rhythm Room, who just can’t keep their feet still. They are always looking for extra opportunities to work with top notch instructors and choreographers.  This diverse group of accomplished dancers includes at dentist, epidemiologist, pharmacist, social worker and kinesthesiologist - who all secretly wish they could quite their day jobs and just TAP DANCE!   

Since coming together in 2014, 5/4 Rhythm has been fortunate enough to represent The Rhythm Room at a variety of cultural events across the lower mainland.  Recent appearances include performances at The Metro Theatre (Rhythm Room’s year end productions) , Scotiabank Dance Centre (West Coast Tap Dance Collective’s Tap Dance Day Celebration, The Orpheum Annex (guest artists of The Next Evolution Dance Company), The Rickshaw Theatre (Scarlet Lux’s Molotov Caravan 5) The Kitsilano Showboat, UBC’s Spring Med Gala and special guest artists at “Fate - An Evening of Magical Wonders” in support of The Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation.   For more information on booking 5/4 Rhythm, please contact:  info@tapdancevancouver.com